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imird is the brainchild of Segun Osisanya former Registrar/Chief Executive of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN). Segun together with some friends and colleagues started the Certified Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (CIMN) in the late 1990s and the Institute changed the dynamics of marketing professional practice in Nigeria.


The Certified Institute of Marketing of Nigeria later became the Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. With the promulgation of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Act 2003, Nigerian Marketing Association (NIMARK) was merged with the Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria to become the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, Chartered.


Ever since, Segun’s interest in developing marketing professionalism has continued and this is what has brought about the imird website.


Our Relevance and Goal

At imird, we believe that there is a need for marketers all over the world to embrace innovation which globalisation and internet have brought upon this generation.


With about 56% of the 7.7 billion world population having internet access and at the current rate of growth of internet activities, marketers, particularly those in the developing countries, need to up their games. The age of classical marketing is becoming fast outdated.


The desire to promote rewarding marketing practices and to help improve on the rewards for practitioners brought about the urge to engage with current tools and skills in present day marketing space.


Working towards the goal of making marketing more rewarding, through https://allaboutholiday.com, we attempt to put into practice some of the learnt knowledge in the trending marketing practice. A visit to that website will show firsthand what affiliate marketing is.


Our Promise

We hope to leverage on both our experience and the abundance of available online resources to help aspiring and experienced marketers to up their games and earn better.


imird website is a place of encouragement also. Though, many new entrants into modern marketing techniques find the acquisition of current tools and skills in marketing to be a challenging venture. Be assured, you will not be in it alone. We are here to encourage and help find your bearing.


Our commitment to help enthusiastic marketing practitioners and aspiring individuals to connect and engage modern trends in marketing is in tandem the mission of a leading affiliate marketing community – Wealthy Affiliate.

The promoter of imird.com is proud to be associated with Wealthy Affiliate and we will be happy to bring you on board.


At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be exposed to the best training and support in Affiliate Marketing.


With the training and support from Wealthy Affiliate, together with your commitment to work,  your desire to build a thriving online business will be a delightful experience.

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Your comment and contribution will help us to meet our goals efficiently and effectively. We will be glad to have your feedback through the space hereunder.


Segun Osisanya

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