I am fed up with my current job

Regular Job

Are you really happy being in that job?


Today, how many people are in a job they loathe?


How many people would wish a change in their job or possibly their career, but are afraid of change?


How many would wish they have the opportunity to earn more than what they currently earn?


How many are barely okay with what they earn now and would not mind getting something extra, no matter how little?


How about the army of unemployed and the unemployable?


The list goes on!


Do you see yourself in any of the above categories? You are not in it alone. The unspoken statement on the lips of many people in work is “I am fed up with this job”. But they cannot quit; bills have to be paid and there has to be cheese on the table.


There is a hope


All hopes are not lost. Thank God for people who are willing and available to train and mentor you; the available advanced technology and the ever developing body of new knowledge.


The world is increasingly becoming technology-driven in every area of human endeavour. To keep pace with the trend requires an active engagement by whomever desires an improvement in his/her condition.


There is so much myth about technology that are not true. But if you are viewing it from a distance, it will appear scary. Here in imird, we are prepared to help you overcome the initial doubts and fear that accompany nearly every new venture. You can count on us.


Internet Business

The internet has introduced a paradigm shift into every facet of human life. The topography of business and how business is conducted have so much been impacted by the internet. Earning money is not left out of this and also is people’s living conditions. There is no better time to engage with the internet for the purpose of earning income than now.


On the internet, business transactions in billions of dollars are regular occurrences. Hence, if you desire a change in your financial situation, it will be expedient to get on board the internet business landscape.


Affiliate Marketing


I must mention at this juncture that you should not be deceived, affiliate marketing is not some multilevel membership program where all you need to do is buy a product and tell some others to buy. Affiliate Marketing is a complete discipline that has its dynamics that should and must be studied.


What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a system in which you, (The Marketer/Publisher) use your knowledge and skill to advertise a product, in your space on the internet (website) and if a sale is made by the producer of that product through your advert, you get a commission.

Simple, you say – Yes it is simple, yet dynamic.


If you consider that over 4 billion people are using the internet today and the fact that, with the internet, you can reach these number of people, you will agree with me that there is money to be made through the internet.

There are many aspects of affiliate marketing that makes it attractive.

1. It is your business: It is and remains your business. Your prospects is determined by your commitment to training and to work. You are at liberty to decide the extent that you want to attain and the pace at which you want to grow.

2. Ease of operation: Unlike the conventional jobs where there are certain times that you must be at work. With affiliate marketing, you can work anytime and from anywhere. Anywhere, there is internet facility (thanks to wi-fi technology), you are working.

3. No personal soliciting for patronage: You do not have to talk and convince anyone personally to patronise you. You do not require any warehouse to keep any product. So no extra cost of renting a facility to do your business. You work from the comfort of your house.

4. Minimally low cost of operation: You do not require any huge amount of money to start or run the business. No money to deposit to any manufacturer. No transport or logistic cost to you.

5. The Affiliate Community: Nearly everyone that I have come across in affiliate marketing business have a sense of being in a community and they are always willing to help. If you can ask questions, you can never be stuck while learning the rudiments of the business.

6. Rewards: Affiliate marketing business rewards in many ways. Apart from the financial gains, other things I consider as rewards include the opportunity to learn new things every now and then. The joy of working with and around your hobby and getting compensated for it. The avenue to know and network with people all over the world without necessarily having to physically travel to where they are.

Why Training?

It will interest you to know that there are billions of internet users today. And that means competition. An adage says, “to know the condition of the road ahead, ask people who are coming back”. Competition is a reflection of success. If it’s not successful, there will be no attraction for people.  You need not be scared about competition, because there is more than enough for everyone on the internet.


Because there is competition and you want to optimize your opportunities, it becomes necessary for you to acquire appropriate knowledge and skills that will stand you out among the crowd. Our token of help at imird.com is to introduce you to a suite of training that have been tested and trusted.


In the beginning of your affiliate marketing business, you will need to ask questions. Training will expose you to the entire world of affiliate marketing where you will know what questions to ask, where and when. You will need to take decisions sometimes, the training will also help to guide your thoughts.


There are people who have been privileged to blaze the trail and are willing to share their experiences. They are available to train and mentor newcomers. Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate are such individuals.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an internet based affiliate marketing community that is set up with your interest at heart. Kyle presents the formal training in a very easy-to-understand manner and the members of the community are available to help you find your feet in the business, particularly in the early days.


With Wealthy Affiliate training, imird.com support and mentoring, together with your commitment to work, you are assured of incremental growth to your internet business which will guarantee additional income for you. Your success is dependent on your commitment to work.

Why not start the journey to your financial freedom here now 



2 thoughts on “I am fed up with my current job”

  1. Seems an interesting venture, but lots of learning and exposition are needed. For instance, is there a database of companies to be advertised? Is your operation global or domesticated based on your region of abode? Are there any interaction between the marketer and companies being advertised? Especially in the event of a successful deal. Etc.

    1. Thank you muyiwa for your observation. I will respond to your questions as follow:
      1. Yes. Lots of learning. That is why I said you need about three months of good work to find your feet. But I am available to guide you.
      2. Yes. You will be exposed to hundreds of thousands of companies that are willing to do business in this area.
      3. You are not limited. Wherever there is internet, that is your reach.
      4. Yes, there are interactions between the companies and yourself. That is where I and Wealthy Affiliate stand.
      I must advise that when registering, do use the link that I sent so that you fall under my watch and I can follow you. Then if anything is about to happen I can come in.

      All the best.

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