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Reviewing Wealthy Affiliate program is not an entirely a new exercise as the program has established itself on the internet marketing landscape for over 10 years. Hence, as I may not be doing something entirely new, I will present my personal experience in such a way as to help anyone in doubt, to decide.


Prior internet business experience

I came from the classical marketing background and over the years, I have made several attempts to utilize my knowledge and experience in a way that will not tie me to a 9 am – 5 pm job and yet earn enough to meet my needs.


In my quest, I delved into financial trading and got my fingers burnt many times. I lost quite a substantial amount of money, yet I did not relent in my pursuit until I stumbled on one of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews.


Upon reading that review, I said, “yes, this is it”.

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate Program


Unlike many other promoters of online businesses who ask for down payment before you have the opportunity of knowing what they are offering. Wealthy Affiliate promoters gives you the opportunity to register and access their website without any payment.


As soon as you register, you are exposed to a great deal of training. While yet undecided either to continue or not and without any financial commitment whatsoever, you are allowed to benefit from their training worth a good deal of money elsewhere.


As a registered member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are introduced to a community of great minds who are willing and available to help you on the journey. This is second to none.


You can even start to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate without committing any fund yet – Only that your potentials to earn increases when you get financially committed.

Enhance your Training and Earning by becoming a Premium Member

Becoming a Premium Member opens up the total training suites in Wealthy Affiliate to you. Here you will be trained and equipped with all that is to know about affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate program is endowed with talented individuals that are readily available to take you through the journey, in a very simplistic manner.


As a Premium Member, you earn double on your referrals which can go as much as $175 on any yearly subscriber that registers through you. Mind you, this is a recurring earning.


There are many other benefits accruable to the premium membership which includes all expenses paid WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference for Premium Members who registers 300 members in one calendar year.



Premium membership comes at:

$49 per month

$234/six months


The first month payment is discounted to $19.

What do I expect from you today?

If you are looking for a work-at-home online business, additional income, freedom to decide how to spend your time and/or you want a good success with your online business, look no further. Try Wealthy Affiliate and you will be glad you did.

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