Wearable Smart Watch Technology – Can this be the revolution in Personal Health Monitoring?

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Over the years people get more and more concerned about their health and well-being hence the need for personal health monitoring is on the increase.

In times past, to get blood pressure and other seemingly minor checks done, you will need to visit a medical facility. But with the wearable technology, this has become quite handy to come by. The wearable technology has made personal health monitoring an easier piece of assignment.

With the wearable technology, particularly, the smartwatch, nearly everything that has to do with monitoring human activities can be done on the device strapped to your wrist.

What is a Wearable Smart Watch Technology?

A wearable smart watch technology is that piece of equipment strapped to your wrist for the purpose of giving information about time, steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered, etc.

The amount and depth of the information given by the equipment is dependent upon the make-up of the equipment.

It must be noted that the wearable smart watch technology is a progress over the old fashion wrist watches which only gives time, and later began to evolve with some extras such as date, reminder (alarm), etc.


Why Wearable Smart watch Technology?

Wearable Smart watch technology has seriously impacted the way a lot of peoples’ daily life activities are conducted and monitored. Beginning from simple activities such as checking time, calendar, diary, reminder, etc to more complex ones such as steps checking and tracking, sleep monitoring, heart beat/rate tracking, swim tracking, blood pressure check and exercise monitoring.

More professional activities such as online financial transactions are also possible on many of the devices.

Using Wearable Smart Watch Technology for personal health monitoring

Activity Watch

Weight Watch


Heart Rate Tracking

Blood Pressure Monitor

Sleep Monitor

Step Counter – Walking, Jogging and Running

Exercise Tracking

Swim Tracking




Financial Transactions – Payments

Text Messaging – View Messages and Reply to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter,



Other uses of Wearable Smart Watch Technology


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